As part of a growing number of programs partnering with Esperanza to offer a wide berth of opportunity to our student-athletes, Esperanza has been working with the SquashSmarts program hosted at the Lenfest Center. We are proud to partner with Squash Smarts to offer this exciting connection.

What is SquashSmarts?

SquashSmarts is a free, intensive out-of-school program changing the lives of Philadelphia’s public school students. SquashSmarts works with 7th-12th grade students who are selected based on commitment, effort and attitude, not athletic or academic ability. Operating out of two facilities, the Lenfest Center (North Philadelphia) and Drexel’s Daskalakis Athletic Center (West Philadelphia), students attend practices three days each week focusing on SquashSmarts’ Five Pillars: (1) Academic Support, (2) Squash Instruction, (3) Fitness and Nutrition, (4) Personal Achievement and (5) Leadership. Students also participate in competitive squash opportunities, community service projects, cultural outings and special events.

Esperanza Van Pick-up: SquashSmarts vans will pickup students at 2:30 pm outside the main door at Esperanza Middle School. Vans will depart at 2:45 pm for the Lenfest Center. At 6 pm, students will need to be picked up or walk home from the Lenfest Center.

For more information see Mr. Davis or reach out to the following contact information below:
www.squashsmarts.org | info@squashsmarts.org | Call – 215.221.6860

Squash Smarts Permission Slip
 | Squash Smarts Participation Form|
Squash Smarts Participation Form (Spanish)